Skill Name Cooldown Effects Video
Back-End Lunge 4 Seconds General/Super Armor
  • Hold the Back key (S)
  1. Click the Attack Key (Left Click)
  • NOTE: If you do not have the skill: Back-End Upper, You can hold the key attack key down and release it when you are ready to lunge. After you get Back-End Upper, you can only use this method while Back-End Upper is in cooldown.
  • Alternative to the above method:
  • Hold the Back Key(S) AND the Left or Right key (A or D)
  1. Click the Attack Key (Left Click)
  2. Hold the two directiononal keys(S + A or D) and release them when you are ready to lunge.


Description Take a step back and tactfully strike your enemy with a short lunge. This skill can be held down and charged, but for no additional damage. The skill also may hit multiple times for the same damage depending on the distance between the enemy.
Skill Rating ★ ★ ★


Level Performance Required level SP



Lv 1 Physical Damage 90% +50 Lv 10 5 3
Lv 2 Physical Damage 97% +60 Lv 14 5 4
Lv 3 Physical Damage 104% +70 Lv 18 5 5
Lv 4 Physical Damage 111% +80 Lv 22 5 6

Quick NotesEdit

  • This skill is confusing to use because it sort of overlaps with another one: Back-End Upper. Holding the attack key will result in this other skill once you get it, while if you dont have it, or if Back-End Upper is in cooldown, it can function by holding the Attack Key
  • One of the few skills that have super armor, Be careful however, the initial backstep does NOT have Super Armor, Only the lunge does