Skill Name Cooldown Effects Video
Bash III 0 Seconds Ground
  • After Bash II has been used, use the attack key (Left Click) to initiate this string immediately after.



The Third Hit for the Bash Combo String connecting with a downward slam. This skill can only be used in the combo string

Skill Rating ★ ★ ★ ★


Level Performance Required level SP



Lv 1 Physical Damage 140% +70 Lv 20 7 6
Lv 2 Physical Damage 150% +80 Lv 24 5 7

Quick NotesEdit

  • Bash III Has the unique property of turning the Bash Combo string from a ground combo into an Aerial. The skill slams the opponent into the ground who is then bounced and suspended into the air for further comboing. However, this occurance only happens against standing opponents.
  • The Bash Skill tree is an excellent combo string with the possibility to be canceled into almost any other skill. This skill is almost necessary for all Fighter Subclasses to at least the minimum.
  • Just like Bash I, bash III Has the ability to hit downed opponents.

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