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C9 (Continent of the Ninth) is a free-to-play action MMORPG developed by Webzen. Players are cast as heroes into the world of Glenheim. C9 contains console-style controls, with an emphasis on combos, and dungeon exploration.

The game was released July 12, 2012.

Story of the GameEdit

The gateway to the Netherworld has fractured, and this fracture may soon grow into a gap now that Nefer has recovered the Sword of Hermes.

Not long ago, when the great hero Acharon united Glenheim out of chaos and forced Nefer to retreat, Glenheim seemed safe.

But now our nightmare has returned...

Long ago, the Sword of Hermes was hidden away on Henko Island where, and over time, Rahkdan, the Lord of Destruction, managed to transform Nefer’s thirst for it into corrupted ambition.

Soon after that, Akene protected humankind during the first of the two Genesis Wars as Rahkdan sought to open the Nethergate and welcome his followers into this world.

Eventually, Rahkdan fell to Akene’s spear and was sealed away, but his sword and traces of his

black rocks still remain scattered across the land.

Rahkdan’s death brought an end to the Genesis War, but humans and monsters began to fight each other to secure new territory. Over time, they forgot about the Sword of Hermes and the black rocks, but the desire still burned deep within Nefer’s heart.

Now, Nefer has recovered the sword and is using its power to destroy the seal protecting the Nethergate. He wishes to release Rahkdan’s followers so that they may once again unleash fury upon the world.

Fortunately, the Ninth Continent, where the Gate stands, is protected by legions of elves and powerful magicians. Nevertheless, even our strongest warriors may still not be able to halt Nefer’s onslaught…

It is up to you to prove your worth as a hero. You must hasten to the Ninth Continent and halt Nefer’s advance, before it is too late.

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Main ClassesEdit

Main page: Classes

There are four playable class types in C9 at the moment. These classes can be transformed into more specific subclasses at the level of 20, based on selection of Specialization and Heritage.


A melee combatant close-quarters character who weids various types of swords and shields. Skills include different slashes, grabs, and shield bashes. The Fighter class is known for dealing out heavy damage, as well as sustain hits.

Fighter subclasses: Warrior, Blademaster, Guardian, Berserker


A long-range attacker, the Hunter's primary weapons are dagger and bow. Their close-quarters combat relies on quick strikes from the dagger. From long range, their bows can be used to fire on the enemy. The Hunter class is known for being a high speed, damage dealing support, taking out enemies from a distance and constantly on the move.

Hunter subclasses: Scout, Assassin, Ranger, Shadow, Gunslinger


A priest class, which emphasize the use of magic to attack and defend. The class combins Asian martial arts with Western magic. The Shaman is known for dealing high magic damage and using power martial arts.

Shaman subclasses: Elementalist, Illusionlist, Taoist, Reaperess, Demonisher


A female class. The witchblade has powerful ice cold energy and charm to overwhelm enemies. The class is known for combining both magic and sword attacks effectively.

Witchblade subclasses: Warden, Slayer, Bladedancer, Nightstalker


There are 5 different artisan classes that can be chosen. Once you select an artisan, various items can be built and crafted related to the category. Each artisian skill requires a tool to craft materials. Higher grade materials produce higher level equipment, all artisans can make Artisan Souls and exchange material for souls.


Can craft various magic oils, foods that give buff effects and heals.


Can craft various remedies for crafting, potions that give buff effects. Can convert materials into higher material grades and element stones.


Can craft various equipable items, and weapons, including arrow heads, all weapons except bows and muskets, armor parts for Fighters, rings, necklaces, etc.


Can craft cloth and leather armors for all classes except Fighters, fabrics for crafting, and can remodel equipment. Can craft cosmetic hats for all classes.


Can craft bows, muskets, shields and firewood, this artisan class can also craft guild house furniture.


Main page: Dungeons There are six explorable continents in C9 at the moment, with various connections into dungeons. The following is a list of all dungeons. There may be certain elements which are good against dungeons of a continent.

First Continent - DelpastEdit

Map Name Territory Level
Goblin Forest Goblin Lands 1 - 3
Goblin Altar Goblin Lands 4 - 7
Imp Forest Imp Lands 8 - 13
Imp Infested Mine Imp Lands 8 - 13
Seashore Village Lost Tradelands 14 – 19
Delpast Front Lost Tradelands 14 – 19
Meshurian Heights Lost Tradelands 14 – 19
Bewitching Forest Ancient Danus Territory 20 – 24
Temple of the Dead Ancient Danus Territory 20 – 24
Northern Delpast Border Ancient Danus Territory 20 – 24

Hoard maps: Goblin HoardEdit

Element recommended: NoneEdit

Second Continent - TempereEdit

Map Name Territory Level
Burning Central Plains Tampera 25 - 28
Western Border Tampera 25 - 28
Pixie Gold Mine Tampera 29 - 32
Red Fog Marsh Tampera 29 - 32
Varuka Fortress Tampera 29 - 32
Pit of Pain Rondat Territory 33 – 36
Oberon's Haven* Rondat Territory 33 – 36
Stimpatria Watchtowers Rondat Territory 33 – 36
Shrine of Aureas Rondat Territory 37 – 41
Volcanic Underpath Rondat Territory 37 – 41
Henko Crater Rondat Territory 37 – 41
*Oberon's Haven is chosen as the location of Tempere's Hell difficulty.Edit

Hoard maps: Orc Hoard, Northen BorderEdit

Element recommended: NoneEdit

Third Continent - NorgantEdit

Most of the Third Continent's enemies are water resistant.

Map Name Territory Level
Forced Labor Camp Wendigo Lands 42 - 44
Wendigo Camp Wendigo Lands 42 - 44
Norgant Front Wendigo Lands 42 - 44
Soul Valley Lunard Dominion 44 - 46
Lofty Heights Lunard Dominion 44 - 46
Tahara Heights Lunard Dominion 44 - 46
Ice Gorge Old Luid 46 – 49
Fallen Lunard Castle* Old Luid 46 – 49
Equines Shelter Old Luid 46 – 49
Weeping Ice Island Old Luid 46 – 49
*Fallen Lunard Castle is the location for Norgant's Hell difficulty.Edit

Hoard maps: Barbegazi Hoard, Heretic IslandEdit

Element recommended: EarthEdit

Fourth Continent - OkapiaEdit

From 4th continent on, players need to do the main quests in order to unlock dungeons' difficulties.

Most of the Fourth Continent's enemies are earth-resistant.Edit
Map Name Territory Level
The Dark Seal Rebel Territory 50 - 52
Mournful Ruins Rebel Territory 50 - 52
Forsaken Garden Rebel Territory 50 - 52
Occult Temple Rebel Territory 50 - 52
Scarab Hatchery Ancient Mashia 52 - 54
Mashian Tombs Ancient Mashia 52 - 54
Knatos Gulag Ancient Mashia 52 - 54
Knatos Academy Knatos Lands 54 - 57
Acuba's Nest Knatos Lands 54 - 57
God's Calling* Knatos Lands 54 - 57
*God's Calling is the location for Okapia's Hell difficulty.Edit

Hoard maps: Trove of the Ancients, Knatos HoardEdit

Element recommended: AirEdit

Fifth Continent - SaradEdit

Most of the Fifth Continent's enemies are fire-resistant.Edit
Map Name Territory Level
Whitecap Coast Enclaves of Exiles 57 - 60
Hollis Battlefront Enclaves of Exiles 57 - 60
Holy Land of Kodes Enclaves of Exiles 57 - 60
Fire Shrine of Euphia Enclaves of Exiles 57 - 60
Manoa Desert Enclaves of Exiles 57 - 60
Dabel Shrine Sealed Flamelands 60 - 63
Blazing Battlefield Sealed Flamelands 60 - 63
Flame Curtain Caminos Sealed Flamelands 60 - 63
Moon Desert Sealed Flamelands 60 - 63
Holy City of Basilus Sealed Flamelands 60 - 63
Bardiel Seal* Sealed Flamelands 62 - 63
*There is no Hell difficulty dungeon in Sarad. However, Bardiel Seal is exclusively used for Extreme difficulty.Edit

Hoard maps: Barren Reliquary, Hidden FortressEdit

Element recommended: WaterEdit

Sixth Continent - RaebinEdit

Most of the Fifth Continent's enemies are fire-resistant.Edit
Map Name Territory Level
Fallen Guardian Tower Thorn Shade Gorge 63 - 65
Fallen Watchtower is the only dungeon in Raebin at the moment. However, more content of Raebin will be released later.Edit

Element recommended: NoneEdit


Entering an ArenaEdit

  • 1. Press Ctrl to open enable cursor.
  • 2. Click the Arena icon to the right of your skillbar.**You can enter arenas once you reach Lv. 20.
  • Equipment             ---   enhancements and elements do not function in arenas.

Ranked PvPEdit

Ranked PvP matches are 1 on 1 battles set up through the Automatic Matching System.
You fight against players with similar levels and the Ladder Score reflects your wins and losses.

Relay MatchesEdit

This mode allows two teams of up to 8 players to battle each other in a series of 1 on 1 matches. After each match ends, the winner recovers some HP and continues on to face their next opponent. The first team to defeat all the members of the opposing team wins.


This mode allows two teams of up to 8 players to fight to the death. Points are awarded for every opponent killed. The first team to reach the target score wins.

Gold Honor CoinsEdit

Every PvP mode, except Ranked Matches and Intrusion, rewards players with Arena Points (AP). The number of Gold Honor Coins you earn varies depending on the number of players, the length of time, and the number of kills. You can exchange Gold Honor Coins for Arena Set items or spellstones for each continent and monster race of a cheaper price.

Team MatchEdit

This mode allows two teams of up to 8 players to fight in team combat. The first team to defeat all of the players on the opposing team wins the round.

PvP TrainingEdit

You can hone your PvP skills on the practice dummy* in the PvP training camp.
Click the PvP Training Camp button to practice your skills and combos against an NPC.
Press the End key to reset your skill cooldowns.

  • However, the practice dummies does not work 100% as a real player in Arena PvP.


Open the Skills Window (Hotkey)Edit

There are two ways of opening the Skills window:
Press K to open the Skills window.
Press Ctrl to open the Main Menu, and then click the Skills icon to open the Skills window.

Action SkillsEdit

You can place Action Skills in quick slots. Click the icon for that skill or press the corresponding hotkey to use the skill. Some action skills can also be used like a command skill.

Command SkillsEdit

Command skills are performed with combinations of mouse movements, movement keys (WASD), and/or Q and E. To learn how to use a command skill, hold the mouse cursor over the skill in the Skill Info window (K) and refer to the Skill Details that appear. Many command skills cannot be mapped to quick slots.

Passive SkillsEdit

Passive skills improve your character's abilities. They automatically take effect, so you do not need to activate them manually.

Using SkillsEdit

  • 1. Assign an Action Skill to a quick slot and press the corresponding hotkey to use the skill.
  • 2. Perform a combination of keyboard and mouse commands to execute a Command Skill.

    To learn how to use a command skill, hold the cursor over the skill in the Skill Info window (K) and refer to the Skill Details that appear.

Skill CooldownsEdit

Skills become temporarily unavailable after you use them. This is known as a Cooldown. A skill cooldown counter appears over that skill's icon in the quick slot bar after you use it.

Showing/Hiding Quick SlotsEdit

Click the up-arrow icon to the left of the quick slot bar to reveal additional quick slots.

Hide Additional Quick SlotsEdit

Click the down-arrow to hide the quick slot bar. Even when a quick slot bar is hidden, you can still press the corresponding hotkey to use the skills on that bar.

Learning SkillsEdit

You can learn new skills from the Class Trainer in each village. Click the + button to learn more about a skill and upgrade it. Click the Learn button to upgrade all selected skills at once. Be aware that learning a skill consumes Skill Points (SP). Once you learn a skill, it is difficult to unlearn it.

Resetting SkillsEdit

You can reset your skills and SP with a Skill Reset item from the Cash Shop.

Skill PointsEdit

Press K to open the Skills window. The number of available SP appears in the bottom right corner of the window.

Assigning/Clearing SkillsEdit

  • 1. Press K to open the Skills window.
  • 2. Click the Action Skills tab. Click the skill you wish to assign to a quick slot.
  • 3. Once you have selected a skill, click the desired slot to assign it to that slot.
  • 4. You can only assign action skills to quick slots.

Removing Skills from Quick SlotsEdit

  • 1. Click and hold a Skill in the quick slot bar.
  • 2. Drag the skill icon off the quick slot bar and release it to remove it from the quick slot.

Skill KeywordsEdit

Invincible frame(iframe) : Makes you immune to all attacks and debuffs.

Super Armor(sa) : Allows you to avoid interruptions from almost all attacks and Grabs.

Semi-Super Armor(semi-sa) : You avoid interruptions from all attacks except Grabs and skills that
specifically destroy Semi-Super Armor.

Enemy Armor : Identical to Super Armor, except that you can only use it in Stages.

Crouch : Allows you to evade all ranged attacks, has a small invincible frame on initiation.

Guard(q) : You block all attacks from the front except Grabs and skills that specifically break Guard.

Perfect Guard : Allows you to block all attacks from the front except Grabs

Interruption/Stagger : When an enemy attack disrupts you for a brief moment and cancels your skill.

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