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Continent of the Ninth is a fast pace action MMORPG. There are many Classes and sub Classes. This is a list of every class. Every class has a Sub Class list.

For now, classes are gender locked. Fighters and Hunters appear only as Males, while Shaman and Witchblades only appear as Females. This might change later, but for now there's no information on that yet.


Average attack and high defensive class. Uses a sword and a shield in combat. All attacks are close range. Unlike the other fighter classes the Berserker class uses a two-handed sword in combat instead of a shield and a long sword.
  1. Warrior (Level 20)
  2. Berserker (Level 20)
  3. Blade Master (Level 20)
  4. Guardian (Level 20)


The Wizard and Caster of C9. High Attack with low defense. Uses a staff for close combat attacks and casts spells from a distance to damage their targets.
  1. Elementalist (Level 20)
  2. Taoist (Level 20)
  3. Illusionist (Level 20)
  4. Reapress (Level 20)
  5. Soulist/Demonist (Level 20)


Uses his bow and arrow to deal damage from a distance with a Dagger at his side. Apart from the Shadow class, every other hunter class can attack from distance using a bow or gun.
  1. Assassin (Level 20)
  2. Ranger (Level 20)
  3. Scout (Level 20)
  4. Shadow (Level 20)
  5. Gunslinger (level 20)


Carries sword and dagger, uses magic combined with her sword prowess to slay the enemies. Witchblades also use magic as secondary damage.

  1. Warden (Level 20)
  2. Witchblade
    Slayer (Level 20)
  3. Blade Dancer (Level 20)
  4. Nightstalker (Level 20)

Mystic Edit

Strength based uses Booster Hammers or a Chakram to Move quickly on the ground and in the air, skills are enhanced by using the Booster.

  1. Battle Maiden (Level 20)
  2. Erta (Level 20)
  3. Valkyrie (Level 20)

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