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Level 20 gunner in c904:19

Level 20 gunner in c9


If you're a Hunter, you can promote to Gunslinger at lvl 20.

Gunslingers has a wide range of skills at their disposal. The beginning skill is Deep Sniper. This lets you aim and shoot a long range shot of 1000-2000 if you're lvl 20-25.

About the Gunner classEdit

The class is used to shoot long-ranged shots to kill his enemy with a really fast combo. They use 2 bullet types, the first is normal bullets, the second is enchanted bullets. If you use the enchanted version of the bullets, they gain additional effects.

PvP and PvE of a GunslingerEdit

In pvp its all about being fast and that's one of the things a Gunslinger really has. Its fast, high damage and much health. It can make people stuck and you can just 'execute' the person. I would choose this class for pvp and pve.

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