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Level 20 gunner in c904:19

Level 20 gunner in c9


If you're a Hunter, you can promote to Gunslinger at lvl 20.

Gunslingers has a wide range of skills at their disposal. The beginning skill is Deep Sniper. This lets you aim and shoot a long range shot of 1000-2000 if you're lvl 20-25.

About the Gunner classEdit

The class is used to shoot long-ranged shots to kill his enemy whit a realy fast combo they use 2 bullet types 1 are the normal bullets the second is enchanted bullet if you use the enchanted version of the bullets can make the spells look different and let em hit more.

PvP and PvE of a GunslingerEdit

In pvp its all about being fast and that's one of the things a Gunslinger really has. Its fast, high damage and much health. It can make people stuck and you can just 'execute' the person. I would choose this class for pvp and pve.

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