You can only PvP in the arena, or through Intrusion.

PvP ArenaEdit

To enter the arena press Ctrl and click the Arena icon on the Main Menu.


You can enter the arena when you reach Lv.10 (quest). Equip enhancements and elements don't function in the arena.

Ranked PvPEdit


Ranked PvP matches are 1 on 1 battles set up through the Automatic Matching System. You fight against players with similar levels and the Ladder Score reflects your wins and losses.

Relay MatchesEdit

This mode allows two teams of up to 8 players to battle each other in a series of 1 on 1 matches. After each match ends, the winner recovers some HP and continues on to face the next opponent. The first team to defeat all the members of the opposing team wins.


This mode allows two teams of up to 8 players to fight to the death. Points are awarded for every opponent killed. The first team to reach the target score wins.

Team MatchEdit

This mode allows two teams of up to 8 players to fight in team combat. The first team to defeat all of the players of the opposing team wins the match.

Gold Honor CoinsEdit

Gold coin of honor

Every mode, except Survival, rewards players with Arena Points (AP). The number of Gold Honor Coins you earn varies depending on the number of players, the length of time, and the number of kills. You can exchange Gold Honor Coins for Arena Set items in the Arena Shop.

Gold Coins of Honor stay in your inventory, since they are character bound! You cannot put these in your warehouse!

PvP TrainingEdit

You can hone your PvP skills on the practice dummy in the PvP training camp. Click the PvP Training Camp button to practice your skills and combos against an NPC. Press the End key to reset your skill cooldowns.

PvP RanksEdit

Since you get Arena Points (AP) after pretty much every match, this adds up to your total of points. With every 'x' amount of points your rank goes up. This also means you'll be up against harder opponents if you go Ranked PvP.

Pvp ranks

PvP Ranks