Quest UI numb

1.Quest lvl - If you check this option you will see for which lvl quest is in the quest section.

2.Quests counter - This shows how many quests you have currently taken on (max is 20)

3.Quest list section - Shows the quest taken upon and is organized accordingly with color - Red quests symbolize current level quests, Yellow quests symbolize slightly lower level quests and green symbolizes low level quests.

  • White is dungeon or town name in which you must complete this quest (If it displays a city's name then you need to buy item in shop, AH or get from dungeon as random drop)
  • [파티] - If you have this sign that means this quest is hard and it's recommend to find party
  • [반복] - Repeatable quest, no matter how many times you complete it, it won't disappear

4.Quest description - Contains story of quest, and info where to do quest and what to do.

  • Icon - with letter E is quest type, can be:

E - epic (after you complete this one most likely you will get 1 or 3 more quests, so called chain quests usually at end of chain you get skill points or other nice rewards)

D - Daily

N - Normal

  • After the icon is quest name, and under it is quest description - all required for you things are typed in color

Orange - form wich pc you took the quest, if theres a 2nd orange sign that means you need to talk or get something from npc.

Green - Dungeon name

Blue - Monsters which you need to kill.

Light yellow - Item you need to collect

5.Quest difficult - The 3rd hyrogliphs are the difficulty in wich you must go to have this quest done (some specify monsters can be only on specified diff)

  • 노멀 - normal (1st)
  • 하드 - hard (2nd)
  • 엑스퍼트 - expert (3rd)
  • 마스터 - Master (4th)
  • 나이트메어 - Nightmare (5th) availible only on 52,56 lvl and only in 1st continent
  • 모든 - any diff

6.Quest target - Informs you what you must do in quest

  • Blue - kill monster (if 1 then blue monster or boss, if more then simple mobs)
  • Orange - Talk to someone (on lvl 13 is to kill pvp training npc (pvp trainer 1st option, then agien 1st option in training field)
  • Yellow - Collect items, may be some items from item in dung (small stones, boxes) but mostly simply from mob
  • Green - just complete dungeon

7.Quest reward 1 - Shows you how much exp or skill points will you have for quest

8.Quest reward 2 - Shows which reward will you get after finishing quest

9.Bonus reward - Shows if you have some additional reward (you can only chose one reward from this section)

Quest sharing - don't know how this works :P plz if someone tests add this info ^_^

Abandon quest - just remove quest if you decided no to do it. (you can take it back later, it won't disappear if you didn't made it)

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