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Reaperess in the Forgotten Coast

No one knows how or where the Reaperess class began. Nor of our history.

"Anashti, the selfless daughter of the shaman Diondra, accepted her mother's request and began to live as a guardian of her older sister. Her followers, impressed by her physical skills, became protectors as well. They were known as the Taoists.

As time passed, some of these Taoists became corrupt. Physical power wasn't enough for them, and they began to reach out to the dark spirits. They threw down the staffs in favor of sharp scythes. Their prayers for harmony turned into a lust for blood.

The leader of the shamans prevented these dark mage from leaving the forest of the spirits. They remained isolated and soon the world slowly started to forget them. It wasn't until the great war that the dark shamans began to show their faces in Glenheim again. Feared by many."

- Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 15, Reaperess -

Shamans use different means to manipulate the power of the spirits, depending on where they were brought up. Reaperesses from Levin, a continent constantly in conflict, have found a way to attach the power of the dark spirits to their scythes and use it to fight their enemies. Reaperesses neutralize enemies with the strength of the dark spirits, and it is said that top Reaperesses can concentrate the power of the dark spirits into their scythes and discharge it at their enemies.

Class DescriptionEdit

Reaperesses use a scythe instead of staff, and use many spells and attacks with more dark alignment. They deal heavy damage at close range, have high-speed, and possess decent mobbing capabilities. However, they have very weak defenses.