Witchblades are natives to Blaine's Shalidi, once the gathering place of the gods, an area imbued with the mysterious powers of ancient deities. Tireless efforts allowed the Witchblades to eventually absorb these powers and become elite Witchblades - capable of both lightning-quick physical and potent magical abilities.


Upon reaching level 10 you will receive a quest to take specialized tests. Once you complete Master Alex's quest to earn a promotion, you gain access to new Elite Skills and the Fury Formation. You also earn 1 additional Guild Skill/Buff. If you're not in a guild at the time of your promotion, you gain this bonus when you join one.


Class ChangeEdit

To earn your promotion after you reach level 20, you must overcome many challenges your Class Trainer sets before you. Speak to your Class Trainer in Waterford after you have completed the class change quests to receive your promotion. The server you play on may limit the list of available classes.

Changing your class opens up new, more specialized skills. you also earn 1 additional Guild Skill/Buff. If you are not in a guild at the time of your class change, you gain this bonus when you join one.

Your Sp automatically is reset after you change your class.

Witchblade ClassesEdit

When you reach level 20 and are done with the class change quests, you may choose from 4 different promotional classes. To find out more about each class, click the link.

  • Slayer: Slayers combine blade attacks with dark magic. While they are fast, they are still significantly slower than most Hunters.
  • Warden: Wardens use ice magic as well as sword skills. They have a large variety of AoE skills.
  • Blade Dancer: Blade Dancers use acrobatic attacks while wielding two swords at once. They specialize in close and mid-range combos. 
  • Nightstalker: Not much is known of this class, for it is not out yet!

Witchblade CombosEdit

Here are a few combos. You will also learn these through tutorial, and they will change for every class change.
  • Turning Kick > Twisting Flip Kick
  • Turning Kick > Viper Knee Kick > Helldive Burst
  • Beauty Spin Kick > Viper Knee Kick > Cross Combination > Helldive Burst
  • Fear Throw > Dagger Stack